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New Reality International operated from 2007-2022 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in the United States. The organization served and empowered some of the most vulnerable people around the globe suffering from extreme poverty, disease and injustice, and in doing so, helped provide them with a NEW REALITY. 

Since inception NRI's diverse teams of healthcare providers directly served an estimated 22,000 people suffering from extreme poverty around the world with health education, medical care, dental care and surgical care.

In 2011, through the Up From Under project, NRI built homes for families who became homeless during the tragic earthquake in Haiti and provided educational sponsorships as well as micro-loans to help families with income generation. Since that time NRI has provided ongoing vocational training, education, healthcare, food, clothing, and transportation to children and young adults in Haiti.

Globally, the work of NRI has reached some of the most vulnerable populations suffering from extreme poverty in Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, Myanmar/Burma and Nigeria.

NRI also built and developed a multi-acre property in Haiti for some of the most vulnerable women and children in partnership with local Haitian leaders whose goal was to reach self sustainability. The multi-home "village" sits on seven acres of land that was developed by NRI in partnership with local Haitians by providing desperately needed jobs and buying local products and materials whenever possible to uplift the surrounding community. The land has a tilapia fish farm, agricultural land with irrigation, animals, solar capabilities, security wall, two water wells, a large scale water purification system and much more.  

All who worked for and lead NRI did so as volunteers and did not take any wages or compensation, including the founder, directors, board members, and staff.  NRI operated with very little overhead and operational cost.

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