In agreement with, and in support of United Nations Resolution A/74/395, New Reality International has recognized the important need to shift from institutional care of orphaned children to alternative community and family care in order to ensure the optimal health and safety of each child.


In light of the global awareness movement emphasizing that children flourish best in a safe non institutionalized environment, NRI is excited to announce that we have worked closely with Haitian Child Protective Services, our local organizational partners and child protection specialists both in the US and in Haiti to place children in safe alternative care situations.


We are pleased to embark on an important transition as the village homes in Haiti formerly occupied by children, will be transitioned into a desperately needed sustainable women's homes for Haiti's most vulnerable young women who have "aged out" of the vast orphanage system.


Our ultimate goal is that one day there will be minimal, to no need, for foreign aid, as the village becomes fully self-sustainable, and locally run. Once the village is fully developed, it will be self-sustaining through the implementation of solar power, serviceable solar operated wells for water, sufficient agriculture for food, an array of income generating micro-financed and small business projects, as well as the external use from the community of resources and assets. The focused goal is to have the local Haitians run and maintain the village with minimal outside support. This will be achieved through empowering the local community, assisting in developing the skills of the local leaders, and promoting independence from outside aid. 


Sustainable Development and Women's Empowerment in Haiti